The “Lion whisperer” Kevin richardson.

Heard this on Grey’s once, which has a great soundtrack btw. Season 10 featured a bunch of covers of great classic songs and I really appreciated that.

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Name: Jeffrey

Nickname: Joffrey of House Baratheon

Birthday: July 20th

Sex: male

Sexuality: inactive LOL (but into girls)

Height: 5’8” I wish I was taller :/

Current Time Zone: central time

Time and Date: 9:41 PM, Friday August 29, 2014

Last thing you googled: “Route of Administration” lol I’m a nerd

Most used phrases: “hehe” I don’t really say anything else too often 

Last thing you said to a family member: “Daisy just keeps standing at your door staring at you” to Jenny my cousin.

Favorite beverage: Don’t really drink much besides water, but I like raspberry/mango lemonade. Alcohol is a plus hehe

First word that comes to mind: dog

Place that makes you happy and why: My bed, because sleep is awesome.

Number of blankets you sleep under: 1

Last movie watched at the cinema: 22 Jump Street

3 things you can’t live without: food, wifi, bed

Something you plan on learning: How to cook Bun Bo Hue (Spicy vietnamese beef noodle soup)

Piece of advice for your followers: Be more open to new things. Try all kinds of food, listen to more genres of music. Be open to ideals that don’t align with your own. Take risks and do the unexpected. Make your life a journey and not a process.  

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contemporary art 


contemporary art